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What is the website address for the demo site?  

The website is  If you step away from your computer, you can return to this URL to log back into Venue.

How do I login?

First, click "Sign Up" on the home page to add yourself as an attendee.  Then, login with the email you used during the sign-up process. If you forget your password, simply click the "forgot password" link and a reset email will be sent to you.

What internet connection and browsers are recommended?

You should use a strong, wired or wireless connection with a speed of at least 1.4 Mbps. If your connection is slower, load times may be longer than normal. Other helpful tips include disconnecting from the corporate network or VPN, closing unnecessary applications, or refraining from browsing the internet, streaming media or downloading files while you are on Venue.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for both Windows and Mac users.

How do I access the attendee dashboard?

When you login, you will land on the dashboard. To return to your dashboard, click your initials in the top right-hand corner, then select "My Dashboard".

How do I access the sample sessions?

Once you are in Venue, click on Agenda on the homepage or from your dashboard. Next to each session you will see a green “Register” button used to sign up for a live session. Click the session title to learn more about the session. Sessions you sign up for are added to a personal calendar found in the dashboard, but can also be added to your business calendar. Venue has flexible session reminders to attend.

What time zone are sessions show in?

All session times are listed in a specific time zone, but each attendee can set their preferred time zone for Venue when they first login.

Can a live session be recorded and viewed later? 

Live sessions are usually recorded and the MP4 recording can be uploaded and showcased as an on-demand session.  Views of on-demand sessions are tracked with the data appearing in reports.

What help do you offer for a Venue platform owner?

Venue offers an online knowledgebase with walk throughs of each feature along with "pro tips" to maximize your experience.  Check out the Online Knowledgebase.  Customers can elect to explore professional services options to customize the platform or provide event management services.

What attendee engagement features are available?

There are a number of attendee engagement features built into Venue to turn passive listeners into active participants. Engagement features include Community for attendees to search for others, find the right connections and open up a chat dialogue. Discussion forums allow participants to share ideas, comment on hot topics and ask questions. Gamification adds a point system for interactive games or scavenger hunts and automatically rewards points. 

How does an attendee interact with exhibitors?

Attendees can find exhibitors in an exhibitor hall or the exhibitor directory.  Once they enter the virtual booth, they can send a broadcast message to booth staff to start a conversation.  Exhibit staff may be listed in a staff directory and if Smart Meetings is turned on and attendees opt in, virtual or in-person meetings can be scheduled between attendees and exhibitors.

What options are available to promote exhibitors and sponsors?

Virtual exhibitors have a variety of options to promote their brand and capture sales leads. Feature rich virtual booths create interest, calls to action, and automatically create a sales lead once the attendee enters.  Venue offers advertising placements, sessions sponsorships, custom directories and placements inside the exhibit hall or attendee dashboard.

How do exhibitors get sales leads?

Site administrators activate lead reports for exhibitors and customizes the information viewable in those reports. All exhibitors have a booth statistics report. Other reports are the leads report for all attendee activity in the booth, the forms report for form submissions, and an events report to show registrations for in-booth sessions. Site administrators can add demographic fields to any report and make those fields viewable based on sponsor level. All reports are on-demand and data is presented in real time.

What is the cost for registration?

Registration cost is set by the event host and is free for this demo site. Venue has a built-in registration system at no extra charge to customers. The platform owner can create a customized registration page with banners, graphics and the registration form, set up pricing packages that include discounts and refund policies. Venue is also integrated with Cvent, Experient, RegFox, and MCI for external registration.

Can I register multiple people with the same email address?

No. The virtual platform only allows access for one registration per email address. If you have multiple registrants within your household or organization, each will need to be registered with a unique email address.

Does Venue comply with Web Accessibility and Data Privacy rules?

Yes. Venue is WCAG 2.1 compliant for visually impaired users including colors that have the right contrast, alt text behind images, notifications of hyperlinks to external system and web reader compatibility. Venue meets all compliance and privacy standards including GDPR.