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Carolyn Bradfield
Convey Services

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Carolyn Bradfield is the CEO of Convey Services, the holding company for Convey Channel, Cloud Conventions, and InterAct LifeLine. She has founded 5 companies, and profitably exited 4 of them. She cofounded InterCall (now Intrado), then founded and sold 3 other audio and web collaboration companies. Carolyn was the founder of Phoenix Outdoor, a licensed adolescent treatment program focused on addiction treatment and a strong family support program, now owned by Acadia Healthcare. Based on her passion for improving recovery and reducing relapse, she created a division of Convey, InterAct LifeLine, to leverage technology to offer extended connection to treatment and recovery communities. In response to the pandemic, Convey formed Cloud Conventions to leverage its technology to manage virtual and hybrid events and evolved the technology to become Venue, a self-service platform for event management, online communities, virtual training, and keeping a hybrid workforce engaged.

Speaker Events

Brand, configure and get your platform event-ready   Venue platforms come with all the features you need to on-board attendees, create sessions, add content, add exhibitors, communicate with participants, and analyze the results.  Use the template to guide you in how to add branding elements, the features you should turn on and use, and how to organize the platform.  In this session, you’ll learn: The flexible ways to add attendees to the platform by using Venue’s registration process or connecting to other platforms like Cvent.How to use the video licenses you depend on every day to deliver keynotes, workshops and sessions.How site segments help you stay organized.How to add content to provide attendees with a resource centerCreating a great ROI for sponsors...

2023-11-07 Sessions

Turn any panel into an engaging conversation  THis is just a test   When you moderate a panel discussion, you set the tone for the session, raise the audience’s expectations, and keep the discussion moving along.  In this session, you’ll learn the secrets of preparing your panelists, researching the audience, techniques to engage all the panelists, and how to move the conversation forward. If you are a BlueJeans by Verizon or Zoom customer, Venue lets you integrate your existing licenses so you can setup the session on Venue, have it added to BlueJeans or Zoom and give your participants an easy way to access the session.  Once it’s over, the data comes back to Venue so you can view who participated.

2023-11-06 Sessions