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Brent Palmer
Convey Services
Marketing Director

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Brent Palmer directs the marketing and branding strategy for Convey Services and Cloud Conventions to ensure that all technology platforms are designed to meet company branding standards and to reflect the best design strategy possible to showcase the platform’s graphic capabilities. Brent ensures that any messaging on platforms, in corporate websites or through marketing outreach are consistent and focused on the value of the Cloud Conventions and Venue programs. Brent is heavily involved in product design to ensure that customers have the right experience to customize and brand their platform, navigate through the features, and understand how to use the functionality without needing specialists or external software resources. He translates features and functionality into UX/UI design utilized by the software development teams. Brent collaborates directly with partners and distributors to ensure they can maximize the value of the Cloud Conventions services and appropriately market those services to their customer base.

Speaker Events

Stretch your marketing muscle to create a beautiful, branded platform   You may have used other virtual event platforms in the past for virtual or hybrid events or to create online communities but found them to be limited in the ways you can customize them.  Often, you are forced into a template, need to know software coding to add custom elements, or you just don’t have enough ways to make the platform your own. Learn how Venue is designed for the non-technical marketing manager to brand and customize every aspect of the platform from the homepage to the dashboards, to the catalog or booth segments.  You are never forced to use a template and the creative possibilities are endless.  And you never need to use a software developer to make your vision come to...

2023-11-07 Sessions

Turn any panel into an engaging conversation  THis is just a test   When you moderate a panel discussion, you set the tone for the session, raise the audience’s expectations, and keep the discussion moving along.  In this session, you’ll learn the secrets of preparing your panelists, researching the audience, techniques to engage all the panelists, and how to move the conversation forward. If you are a BlueJeans by Verizon or Zoom customer, Venue lets you integrate your existing licenses so you can setup the session on Venue, have it added to BlueJeans or Zoom and give your participants an easy way to access the session.  Once it’s over, the data comes back to Venue so you can view who participated.

2023-11-06 Sessions