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Melly Kratsch
Convey Services
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Melly directs the professional services offering by creating a menu of service offerings that a partner or direct customer may purchase from Cloud Conventions for custom site configuration, technology management, event design and strategy, and event management. She defines each service, the deliverables and defines pricing strategy. Melly directs a referral network of event management professionals to deliver professional services on behalf of Cloud Conventions to direct or partner customers ensuring these external resources are competent and ready to manage the technology platform. Melly delivers professional services directly to high-profile customers with complex platform or event needs to ensure their experience with the technology meets their business and event goals.

Speaker Events

Keeping attendees engaged is the secret to an effective virtual event   There is nothing more uninspiring to a virtual event attendee than to attend one webinar after another and have no other ways to connect with others or activities to engage in.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage the Venue platform to create a pathway for attendees to learn, be inspired and feel connected. Explore the ways to use discussion forums for attendees to share ideas, ask questions or provide feedback on sessions.Create contests, scavenger hunts and other reward-based activitiesUse the Community feature to help attendees find each other, make connections, and set meetings.Set up a segment of Venue as a “Fun Zone” and add games, trivia questions, live streams, playlists, or...

2023-11-06 Sessions

Consolidate, Connect, Comply, Reduce Cost   The Pandemic caused enterprise organizations to unleash their user groups and let them rush to get any and every digital engagement or event management platform quickly to stay connected to their workforce and customers.  Now that business is no longer 100% virtual, the enterprise customer must create an organized and effective digital engagement strategy to keep hybrid workers and customers connected.  In this session, learn how Venue can: Use Venue to reduce the number of platforms the enterprise usesConnect Venue to other enterprise systems to establish attendee records, receive data for analysis or marketing or add digital assets automatically.Learn how Venue keeps an enterprise GDPR compliant and confirms to all...

2023-11-07 Sessions