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Mike Guardalabene
Convey Services
Director of Product

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Mike Guardalabene directs product strategy for the Cloud Conventions event portal and related services. Mike develops the product roadmap and translates the business needs of the customer into features and capabilities for the platform. He directs the integration development for enterprise customers that desire to connect the Cloud Conventions platform to other technologies as well as manages standard integrations with external registration platforms, video conferencing solutions, email delivery services or other software platforms. Mike manages the software development team and ensures that agile 3-tiered software development and release process is strictly followed. Mike is completing his master's degree from Georgia Tech to receive a Masters in Science in Analytics with certifications as a Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner.

Speaker Events

Consolidate, Connect, Comply, Reduce Cost   The Pandemic caused enterprise organizations to unleash their user groups and let them rush to get any and every digital engagement or event management platform quickly to stay connected to their workforce and customers.  Now that business is no longer 100% virtual, the enterprise customer must create an organized and effective digital engagement strategy to keep hybrid workers and customers connected.  In this session, learn how Venue can: Use Venue to reduce the number of platforms the enterprise usesConnect Venue to other enterprise systems to establish attendee records, receive data for analysis or marketing or add digital assets automatically.Learn how Venue keeps an enterprise GDPR compliant and confirms to all...

2023-11-07 Sessions